• Alanya Online

    Established in 2011, our head office is in Alanya, a beautiful city in Turkish Riviera.

  • The beginning

    Already in 2011, our office was standing out from other local travel agencies in the region. We always put the quality, professional service, sincere attitude to a tourist, the comfort. We are proud to admit that we our actions changed the market of local travel agency in Alanya. Thanks to us local travel agency means not only low price, but above all the passion, professionalism and trust.

  • Why AlanyaOnlineTrips.com?

    With pleasure we are using new technologies in our everyday work. As one of the first travel agency in Alanya we start to make full online reservations for our guests.

  • Asi Turizm Travel Agency

    The owner of the Alanya Online brand is Asi Turizm Travel Agency, licensed organizer of tourist services of the highest category A (No. 7283). The name 'Asi' we chosen specifically. Asi is one of the most specious Turkish rivers (also flowing through Lebanon and Syria, in the English called Oronthes), which is commonly said to be flowing upstream. For this reason 'asi' in Turkish means someone who acts different than all, original, and has the nature of a rebel – so it suit us the best...

  • Our goal

    Cultivating passion for tourism, to guarantee good memories. We make sure that even on the shortest trips you wil fall in love with this country!

  • Our mission

    Living every day between Europe and Turkey we want to be connector between the two countries. We are always happy to share our knowledge, we will try to tear down stereotypes, tell about the customs, we will help and advise. We respect our visitors but also our work and years of experience, so we do not lower the price to the point of absurdity! Also never promise what we can not fulfill.

  • What we do?

    • Local trips in Turkish Riviera area. Experienced guides, high standard, rich programs oare our trademarks!
    • Sport & recreation trips, which are organized with our licenced and trusted partners (diving companies, jeep and rafting companies, boats, transfer and baloon companies etc.)
    • Expeditions and round trips in Turkey:
      • Round trips
      • Pilgrimage tours
    • Incentives and MICE
    • VIP tours, tailor made tours


  • Our motto: Explore Turkey best side!

    Looking forward to seeing you in our office, where we always host you according to Turkish tradition!

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