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Pamukkale Hot-Air Balloon and Lake Salda Tour

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Monday, Friday
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To witness amazing views of Pamukkale Travertines and ancient Ruins of Hierapolis no need to stay on the ground! We are offering you to chance to see all from above. Pamukkale Hot Air Balloons provides you a lifetime opportunity that you will never forget.

You will gently float above the Pamukkale, take views from all angles and enjoy the magnificence of this adventure. With our balloon ride in Pamukkale you will be uplifted to unique holiday memories.

Pamukkale in Turkey, which was named Hierapolis in ancient times for honor of Hiera, wife of Telephos in greek Mythology. The religious events which took place there, the meaning of Hierapolis is 'sacred city'. It has 14000 years old existence. King Eumenes of Pergamon settled the city just nearby the thermal waters in 2nd century.

Pamukkale means in 'Cotton castle' turkish language.

The white cotton-like terraces are mineral deposits from rich spring waters and volcanic springs that  includes high amount of calcium and carbon dioxide were saved during the years on the slopes of the hill. 

Over thousand years it was a popular place with its thermal spring waters which helped people for their healing properties and benefical for many diseases like nutritional and chronic disorders, eye and skin problems etc. Because of this pamukkale hass been a popular spa resort since ancient times. Even Cleopatra bathed here. You still have the opportunity to book a swim in the Ancient Pool of Cleopatra.

Hierapolis has one of the biggest cemetary (necropolis) in Asia. Including public graves, family graves, tumulus type graves and sarcophaguses.

Well preserved Hierapolis Theater, columned city roads, nympheums, Archeology Museum(entrance free)  roman baths are worth to visit during your trip.

Pamukkale and Hierapolis together are both recognized as Unesco World Heritage Sites since 1988.

Harmony of historical Hierapolis withVelvet white terraces, one should absolutely see in life!

Second stop for our tour after Pamukkale is Salda Lake.

Salda is World's 5th cleanest lake. With limpid blue waters and white sandy beaches, lakenis named by people 'Turkish Maldives'.

It is tectonic lake, the water is rich with soda and hydromagnesite. It is believed that hydromagnesite is good for many dermatolohical dieases. Another interesting detail about Salda Lake is, science researches on the lake's shorline which has been made by NASA. The research compares similarities between Lake Salda and Jezero Crater on Mars where Perseverance rover landed in March 2021.

Tour schedule
  • Pick up from hotels after midnight 
  • Breakfast near pamukkale around 5:00 
  • Hot Air Balloon flights around 6:00 
  • Free time in Pamukkale after balloon flights
  • Lunch
  • Salda Lake and free time 45 mins.
  • Dinner
  • Back to Hotels
Inlucded in price
  • Transfer
  • Insurance
  • English speaking Guide
  • Air conditioned bus
  • Entry Ticket to Pamukkale and Salda Lake
  • Breakfast and Lunch and dinner
Not included in price
  • Drinks
  • Ballon Flight per person 140 euros
  • Cleopatra Pool ticket
  • Souvenirs
What to take
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Jackets( Weather conditions are colder early mornings in Pamukkale)
  • Swimming suits and towels( for terraces and Cleopatra pool)
  • Sun cream, sunglasses
  • Descending terraces requires you being carefull, in order to avoid injuries as the surface might be slippery.

  • Balloon Flights are organised early morning thats why departure times are aftermidnight, you will be travelling with our comfortable buses in which you can sleep during journey.

  • Balloon Flights are ornagised by an external company, guides cannot participate the flight. After breakfast, group will be taken to the place where they will take off. The flight takes 40-60 mins. Flight will be over Hierapolis ancient city and travertines. According to weather conditions, route can be changed. During Balloon Flight you are allowed to take your own pictures. Also you can buy professional video from pilot. 

  • The people who will not fly with balloon will have more time in Pamukkale than people who have balloon flight.
  • After Balloon Flight, you meet with your guide at the entrance of Pamukkale around 9 am and have chance to see travertines and museum and swimming in Cleopatra's Pool. 
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