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Hamam (turkish bath)

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Turkish Bath - "hamam" - enjoy a purifying tradition of the ancient times! Turkish Bath - "hamam", is a tradition which dates back to ancient history.

In the Ottoman Empire (and even earlier, in the Roman times!) baths were the center of social life, a vibrant meeting points, where friends could meet and discuss business and, in a separate section, women could freely gossip or enjoy beauty treatments. The ritual has stayed in the culture till this day - even now traditional Turkish baths are still active and functioning in many cities of Turkey. Even if Antalya offers a bath with a bit younger tradition, the pleasure of pampering is equally unique and unforgettable.

The benefits of Turkish Bath

 A visit to the Turkish Bath is recommended for the beginning of your holidays in Turkey, just before you start sunbathing. The benefits of Turkish bath are numerous: Not only it will help you tan but also release your nerves, cleanse your whole body and leave you with the peace of mind.

 Excursion to Turkish Bath

Turkish Bath in Turkey consists of several rooms with diverse temperature and humidity, which positively affects your health. Our first step will be a high-temperature dry sauna - but if you're worried about such high temperature, you can skip this part. Then we will proceed to a hot steam room with menthol scents which works miracles on your respiratory system! Afterwards you can cool down in jacuzzi, just to move to Hamam later on - a hot steam room lined with marble, where the temperatures reach 40-50 degrees! You will be treated with a full body scrub made with a rough glove (kese) by professional masseurs and masseuses. Such Turkish massage includes also a foam massage which makes your skin smooth, soft and moisturized. For a dessert - a special treat - relieving oil massage!

An excursion to Turkish Hamam leaves long-lasting effects and sets you in a relaxed mood for the rest of your holidays. We guarantee that after a visit to Turkish Bath you will feel simply reborn.

Excursion to Turkish Bath  runs usually many times per day. According to your region, you have optional times that you can find during your booking. The approximate time of visit is 2-3 hours + transfer (included in price). We pick you up from the hotel. The Hamam complex provides also a Finnish sauna, jacuzzi, salt cave, ice cave, mud bath.

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Tour schedule
  • Pick-up from the hotels
  • Relaxed atmosphere in Hammam will start your vacation
  • First, sit in a room lined with marble, steam heating will cleanse your body and soul
  • Professional masseurs and masseuses will do a full body scrub with a rough glove (kese)
  • The foam massage. Such treatment makes the skin smooth, soft and moist. It will be excellent preparation for sunbathing!
  • Finally it is time for a relaxing body massage with aromatic oils
  • You can also treat yourself with green alga mask on your face
Inlucded in price
  • Transfer
  • Insurance
  • Package of bath services
  • Lockers
  • Flip-flops
  • Towels
Not included in price
  • Drinks
  • Face mask
  • Tips
What to take
  • Bikini (women) or Boxer (men)
  • spare money
1. It is recommended not to wear any jewelerry that could heat up on the body;
2. Before the visit, clean yourself off any lotions, oils or sunscreens that may make the treatments less effective
3. Don't expose yourself to sun directly after the visit - it's best to avoid the exposure till the end of the day.
4. There is no sex separation; massages are performed by both female and male workers. You can order a massage from the same sex staff, just inform the staff upon the arrival.
5. Children can attend the Bath together with parents. Parents can receive treatments and keep an eye on children interchangeably.
6. There are no health restrictions against using the Bath. Visitors with circulatory diseases or hypertension can skip Finnish sauna.
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child (7-12)
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