Make yourself a gift and see Alanya from a bird's eye view! 

What to do in Alanya

Paragliding is a wonderful and original form of holiday entertainment. You will see the city from a completely different perspective. Paragliding will make you feel free like a bird! Take a deep breath and go chasing the clouds! 

Paragliding in Alanya

On whole Turkish Riviera there is probably no better place to practice paragliding than Alanya! The flights take off from 700 meters mountain and last around 20-30 minutes, depending on the weather. The landing point is famous Cleopatra Beach with its beautiful, romantic scenery. This heavenly journey is an opportunity for everyone - there are no age restrictions or fitness requirements! The flights are always realised in tandem with a licenced instructor. All you need is a crave for adventure and no fear of heights. ;)

Your flight will be recorded on a Go Pro camera, After the landing, the footage will be ready to buy on DVD. 

Alanya attractions 

Accompanying persons can also participate in the expedition - the cost of transport for them is only about 15 €.

Alanya Online - best tours in Turkey in reasonable prices

  • First you wıll be taken to a paraglidıng base and then - to the starting point in the mountains.
  • Each passenger is properly instructed, and then released in the helmet, suit and communications system, accompanied by an instructor (tandem flight)
  • During the flight be careful and follow the guidance of instructors - safety is the priority!

Departure Days

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sathurday, Sunday



Price include

  • Transfer
  • Insurance
  • Equipment 
  • Instructor

Extra pay

  • DVD

What to take

Sport shoes, comfortable clothes, water


Paragliding requires from you being in good health. Pregnancy is unadvisable, as well as asthma, and cardiopathy. Required weight 25-125 kg.
Alanya Online is not responsible for DVD and CD footage taken during the trip. It is on the paraglide staff's side.
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