Fires in Turkey. Current situation regarding fires in Turkey (2021)

Published 6 August, 2021

Fires in Turkey. Current situation regarding fires in Turkey (2021)

Given the first major fires in the Manavgat area in the last 10 years, we would like to inform you that the fires in the tourist areas have been extinguished and the tourists are safe and their holiday is going smoothly.

The fires spread so fast due to the strong wind known as "poyraz" and the high heat, because July / August is one of the warmest months of the summer season. Rural areas, forests and crops are particularly affected.

Which parts of Turkey were affected by the fire?

Unfortunately, we are sorry to inform you that the Green Canyon area has been hit by fire, which means that trips to these areas have been temporarily suspended. Canceled trips until next week are:

  • Green canyon
  • Tazi canyon and ancient city Selge
  • Quad safari in Side
  • Buggy safari in Side
  • Diving in the underwater museum in Side
  • Boat trip in Side
  • Cabrio green lake in Side
  • Pirate boat Alanya
  • Snorkling Alanya

All other trips remain unchanged!

We deeply regret this huge catastrophe. We know that the situation is gradually coming under control thanks to the enormous deployment of rescue services and external assistance. The air in many regions is already clean. But smoke may continue to appear.

We understand the prevailing fears of traveling to Turkey, but tourist regions are safe, tourists are not at risk. However, we take into account the fact that the Turks will need tourists to recover not only from the pandemic, but also from these terrible fires.

Is there a risk of fires in Alanya?

Our office is located in the center of the tourist resort ALANYA. In Alanya, we were not affected in any way by the fires in the Manavgat area. The sky is clear, there is no smoke, no ash or smell in the air and tourists are still enjoying their vacation!

If you are interested in what Alanya looks like today, you can watch this region through live cameras located in different places. We add the link below:



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