Turkey holiday during the pandemic - what to know beforehand

Published 26 August, 2020


"Turkey? What Turkey during the pandemic ?! "
"What holiday are we in the middle of a pandemic?"
Before going on vacation to Turkey, you will surely hear such statements more than once. When booking tours with us, you often ask about the safety and method of conducting tours at this particular time. We decided to collect questions in the FAQ (frequently asked questions). I hope such an article will dispel your doubts

1. Is the Alanya Online travel agency operating normally?

Yes, from August 1 we are at the office again, every day from 10.00 to 16.00. You can either book online or come to the office, how you wish. You will find our contact details here: click

2. Can you book trips in the era of Covid-19? 

Of course you can! That's what we're here for! :)

3. Where can I find the offer of your excursions?

The whole offer is on our website: You can easily search the trips by attractions or places you are interested in, hotel where you will be staying, or the region in Mediterrean area if you don't know yet you place of stay.

4. Is wearing masks mandatory in Turkey? If so, where?

In Turkey, the wearing of masks is obligatory in cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Burdur, Izmir, Isparta, Konya, Muğla and Nevşehir. When it comes to the Antalya and Alanya region: masks are mandatory at airports, stations, on buses, in public transport, grocery stores, banks, offices and bazaars. There are also hand sanitizers everywhere. 

5. What does an excursion look like during a pandemic?

It does not differ in many elements: wear face masks on the bus, and if possible, disinfect your hands frequently. In our buses, we have disinfectants and colognes and a spare box of masks.

6. What about museums or other tourist attractions? Is everything open? How are the rules?

Museums are open, but face masks are required. Turkish baths (hamams) are open. Restaurants in the city and pubs, bars are open - staff measure the temperature at the entrance and hands must be disinfected.
Clubs and discos in the city remain closed.

7. Do you still pick up us from the hotel before and drop us off after the trip?

Yes, it hasn't changed!

8. Is it true that the Alanya Online office gives us hygiene packets / sachets? What's in them?

Yes it's true! These are canvas sachets with our logo, inside which you will find a mask, cologne and hand freshening tissues.

9. How about the occupancy touristic places? There are so-called "crowds"?

It depends where we go, but it's not that crowded like before pandemic. On Pamukkale, you should wear masks and keep your distance if possible. In contrast, there are no large groups of tourists in Cappadocia.

10. What is the issue of maintaining security in hotels?

Some hotels in Turkey have obtained safety certificates. Hotel staff wear masks or helmets and gloves. During meals, the service puts the selected dish on the plates. Hotels also have hand sanitizers.

We hope that we have dispelled many of your doubts with the above answers. Remember that we always provide help and information via e-mail, Facebook, instagram or chat on our website. 


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