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Available days
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Tour type
Antalya - Korkuteli - Denizli - Pamukkale - Hierapolis

*** Only with Alanya Online - Pamukkale without shopping! ***

Pamukkale Express No Shopping Tour Our Pamukkale no shopping tour includes transport and visit to such marvellous sites as the ancient city of Hierapolis, famous white terraces, Cleopatra's Pool, the old cemetery and mosque with no shopping on the way. It means marvelling at spectacular views and relaxing in the fabulous surroundings of Pamukkale much longer than a standard tour may offer.  White terraces and hot springs in Turkey 

Pamukkale, in Turkish - "cotton castle", consists of wonderful white terraces (travertines) and limestone stalactites formed by hot springs. This phenomenon, listed on The Unesco List Of Cultural Heritage, is unique in the world. Apart from its breathtaking beauty it is also beneficial to health. Lime water relieves rheumatism, asthma, and all skin diseases. Strolling through small pools on the plateau near the town of Denizli, you can dip your feet in warm water (36ºC), rich in many valuable minerals. 

Relax in Kleopatra's Pool 

On our excursion to Pamukkale you will also have a chance to take a bath in the ancient pool named after the fabulous Egyptian queen - Cleopatra. Kleopatra’s Pool is a part of an ancient spa - the City of Hierapolis, another amazing site available for you during our trip to Pamukkale, with an astonishing, well preserved cemetery - the Necropolis.
At the end, as a reward, you will have the chance to enjoy a peaceful moment in Karahayit, where you can see a beautiful mosque and other unique thermal waters - red springs

Excursion to Pamukkale

In the last years Pamukkale No Shopping Tour  has become our hallmark. We created the program as a respond to your needs. Bored with typical shopping tours, offered by the majority of tour agents, our clients were satisfied with the unique alternative provided by AlanyaOnline. Only with us can you discover a pure beauty of Pamukkale - without unnecessary distractions! 

Note: TOUR WITHOUT SHOPPING!!! We do not waste your time with 2-3 hours long visits in "factories" and "stores". Therefore, you spend more time in Pamukkale - and as one of few travel agents we  let you have a nice walk through the terraces! Besides, you will get back to your hotel for dinner -  not in the middle of the night :) 

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Tour schedule
  • Departure from the hotel, ride towards Antalya
  • Break for breakfast near Korkuteli
  • Around 10 a.m. arriving at Denizli/Pamukkale
  • Entering the Pamukkale-Hierapolis site. Guided sightseeing tour
  • Free time for Cleopatra's Pool bath and some more sightseeing on your own.
  • Restaurant transfer for lunch
  • Drive back to hotels
Inlucded in price
  • Transfer
  • Insurance
  • English speaking guide
  • Comfortable air conditioned bus or coach
  • Entry ticket to Pamukkale - Hierapolis - Necropolis complex
  • Lunch
Not included in price
  • Drinks
  • Souvenirs
  • Swimming in the Cleopatra Pool (15 € )
What to take
  • Comfortable shoes
  • swimming suit and towel
  • scarf for covering the head
  • sunglasses for eyes protection.
Descending the terraces requires you being careful, in order to avoid injuries, as the surface might be slippery.
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adult (+13)
child (7-12)
infant (0-6)
Tour date
Pick up time
43 €
-10% booking online
39 €
43 € 39 €
-10% booking online
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