Sapadere Canyon Jeep Safari

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Demirtaş Village – Sapadere Village
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When the temperatures hits the top, Sapadere Village seems like a paradise. Serene surroundings and crystal clear chilly waters of this region will soothe your nerves like a Turkish lullaby...
Sapadere Canyon & Turkish Village Tour

In the mountains on the east of Alanya, just by a tiny charming village, nature hid an outstanding treasure: Sapadere Canyon. It offers its guests the breaths of chilly, refreshing air, the murmur of crystal clear and cold water, floating amongst the rocks and serving nearby villages in their everyday life. In Sapadere village you'll enjoy the modest beauty of its mosque, a Turkish house, where you'll see the machine used for producing silk and silkworms' cocoons. To get there, we will take a jeep ride alongside the seacoast and mountain routes. 


Sapadere Canyon & Turkish Village Tour Program
The main attraction of Sapadere Canyon & Turkish Village Tour will be a walk on wooden platform in the 800m long Canyon. Don't worry - the walk is not an extreme activity and everyone should manage to conquer it :)
Flying Waterfall (Uçan Şelale) and Dwarf Cave

The waterfalls and water cascades will not only cool you down, but also lead you into a calm mood. And when you look up to the sky, you'll lay your eyes on a so called "Flying Waterfall" (Uçan Şelale). If you're brave enough, don't forget to bring a swimsuit  - a dive into a freezing water will work like a power injection! 

The program includes also a visit to a Dwarf Cave (optional). 

Calm and lazy excursion to Sapadere Canyon & Turkish village will recharge your batteries for the rest of your stay in the Turkish Riviera. 
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(The tour is available also in minibus version)


Is it too hot on the beach in Alanya? Go to Sapadere Canyon in the mountains!

A day spent in the Taurus mountains is a great relief of scorching hot on the beach, though swimming and sunbathing are not excluded. There are water canyons in the mountains which water seems to be green because of special bedrock. One of them - Sapadere - was discovered as a tourist attraction recently. It is a real virgin piece of nature. The distance from Alanya enables one to make one days trips. The transport, insurance, lunch and some additional surprise are always included in the price. Go with us to Sapadere Canyon and experience the change!


Sapadere Canyon - it means admirable waterfalls and water cascades

Sapadere canyon is about 45 kilometres from Alanya in the close neighbourhood of the local village of the same name. You will see picturesque local cottages, ancient production of silk and the mosque. The major destination of the trip is the waterfall which you will admire from wooden footbridges during the breathtaking walk. Of course, it is completely safe; you needn't be an advanced hiker or have any special equipment. There are some ladders for demanding tourists. The water and air are incredibly fresh here. The temperature of the water is about 10 °C, so it is a great opportunity to begin with popular cold water swimming. It is not obligatory, but it is a unique experience in the wonderful landscape surrounded by rocks and peaks of the mountains.


The Added Value - Jeep Safari

We have an original transport mean for you - jeeps. This safari on the narrow mountain routes you will never forget, as well as the ride along the seaside. For coach-lovers we have a minibus, of course.

Do you fancy to have a bath under the waterfalls? Do you want to go to the mountains not like a tourist but like a hunter of wild animals? Order the trip now, there is a 15% discount.

  • Pick-up from the hotels
  • A jeep (or bus) ride to the east, alongside the seacoast and banana plantations
  • Visit to Sapadere village
  • Lunch in the restaurant by the river
  • Walk around the platform in the Canyon with a length of about 800m,
  • Sapadere Cave (Dwarf Cave) - entry 3 € extra 
  • return to Alanya and the hotels
  • Transfer
  • Insurance
  • Lunch
  • Guide
  • Canyon entrance fee
  • Drinks
  • Cave entrance around 3€
  • Swimsuit and towel for the braves
  • comfortable shoes
  • head cover
  • sunscreen
Jeep OR minibus tour - choose your version. Alanya Online is not responsible for DVD and CD footage taken and sold during the trip.
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