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Have you ever wondered what it feels like to swim in an aquarium? Are you dreaming to spend a family day by the pool full of exotic fishes, just lazily observing incredible sea creatures? 

Alanya Seapark Tour

Along with Dolphinpark, Alanya Seapark  is a part of a huge Sealanya complex, located 17 km away from Alanya. During your stay in the Seapark not only can you admire the intelligence of dolphins and seals but also:

  • try snorkeling in a big pool with an artificial coral reef while tracking the exotic fish swimming all around
  • paddle with kids in a shallow pool filled with flatfish. Or maybe you wish to touch the fish? - go ahead! Their venomous spikes have been removed ;)
  • dare yourself to meet eye-to-eye with a real shark - find yourself in a pool with a shark (you'll need to enter a special underwater 'cage') and reach for a pearl, hidden in a shell at the bottom of the pool. If you find it, you will receive a necklace with the self-hunted pearl as a reward! 
  • swim a 'tropical river'
  • have fun on a pirate boat right on the edge of the pool
  • soak up the sun on the shores of a tropical pool, just around a sandy beach
  • enjoy the shallow pools and slides with the toddlers
  • observe the animals in a mini-zoo 
Alanya Seapark Tour Program

includes: transfer from the hotel, entry to the complex, free time in Seapark (lunch with dessert or fruit included), free use of all the attractions, sunbeds and umbrellas, free use of snorkeling equipment.

As an extra, you can also take part in a Dolphin and Seal show in Dolphin Park as it's the part of the same complex. Choose this option while making the reservation. If you prefer to have fun just observing the dolphins, find additional information about the Dolphin Park and book just a separate tour to the Dolphinshow! 


 included: transfer from the hotel, entry to the complex, free time in Seapark (lunch with dessert or fruit included), free use of all the attractions, sunbeds and umbrellas, free use of snorkeling equipment.

We will pick you up from your hotel to start Alanya Seapark Tour around 10 a.m. If you haven't booked Dolphin and Seal Show, you can go straight ahead to the exotic beach, lay down on the sunbeds or jump into the water. 

If you have booked a swimming session with dolphins, you will be informed about the starting time. 

Lunch will be served at a given hour.

Going back to hotels is around 3.30-4.00 p.m. 


You will have the chance of a unique experience - SWIMMING WITH DOPLHINS. This option needs to be booked at least a few days in advance. It's a 20 minutes session of swimming and playing with the dolphins, available also for the children. Both tourists and dolphins are loving it ! One such session costs 110 € per person (regardless of the age). You just need to know some basics of swimming and not be afraid of water! 

As an option, you can also choose a swimming session with a seal (or, more precisely, a real sea lion ;) ). The price is 60 € per person. 

  • transfer from a hotel
  • entry to the complex
  • free time in Seapark
  • lunch with a dessert or fruits included
  • free use of all the attractions 
  • free use of sunbeds and umbrellas
  • changing rooms, showers
  • free use of snorkeling equipment
  • children, also the youngest, will be served a separate meal 
  • swimming with a dolphin or a seal (choose this option while making a reservation)
  • Dolphins and seals show (choose this option while making a reservation)
    professional photos taken by a photograph
  • swimming with a shark
  • extra drinks, snacks, ice cream
  • swimming suit
  • towel
  • sunscreen
  • camera
The tour in international groups.
While you'll be having a good time in the water with the dolphins, your session will be photographed and filmed by the professionals working in the Dolphin Park. After the fun, you will be offered to buy the photos and films taken during the session. It is also possible for your friends or family to film the session by themselves, but they cannot enter the area of the pool (it is separated with a barrier). Make sure to have a good zoom!
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