Restaurants in Alanya - Where to find international restaurants

Published 1 July, 2020

While being on vacation, no one goes hungry. Most tourists come to the “All Inclusive” hotels, where you can eat actually all day. However, when going to a new place, it is worth going out and trying something new or a taste that we already know in the Turkish edition. However, not everyone likes Turkish oriental cuisine, we often look for European dishes, and in this article you will find out where to eat them best in Alanya.

Looking for restaurants? Count the view!

There are a few restaurants where the view will charm you more than the food itself.


Alanya Panorama Restaurant

It is located on the Kale Hill, but not on its top. If you want to get to it, just take bus number 4, or go there on foot along the road. The view is amazing! Sitting at a table, we can see the left bank of Alanya, i.e. Alladin Keykubat's beach, and most importantly, the port and the Red Tower. The restaurant offers classic European dishes, such as pizza, and various types of pasta, cakes and cocktails. Of course, there are also Turkish dishes, all kinds of grilled kebabs. So everyone will find something for themselves. Just like the next restaurant - it offers free transport from and to the hotel.


Gardenia Restaurant

It is located at the very top of Kale. You pass the entrance to it every time you go down to the cable car. The restaurant is open-air, the atmosphere is amazing, everyone has a table set so that they have a beautiful view in front of them. The location of the restaurant allows you to see both the Cleopatra beach and the Alladina Keykubata beach with the port at the forefront. As for the menu, it is typically European here. We won't find Turkish dishes, Turks come here to feel like from Europe, and tourists like at home. We can choose from lunches, starters, breakfasts, pizzas, pastas, cheeses, steaks, salads, desserts and drinks.


Harbor Kitchen & Bar Restaurant

Here, the scenery is also surprising, because sitting in this restaurant we have a view of the entire Kale hill! It is like a fairy tale, people compare the view to the famous Italian Positano. I highly recommend going there for a real Turkish breakfast, which is eaten right by the sea. In the morning there are also a lot of ships that start their trips around 10 o'clock, so there is still  something going on. The food is delicious but I can never focus on it because of this wonderful sight. The most beautiful thing that happened to me there was a glass of turkish tea at sunrise in an empty restaurant while Alanya was still asleep. MAGICAL!

The Rabbit Restaurant

Here we come to the real thing! Can't decide if you want to eat overlooking Cleopatra Beach, Keykubata or Kale Hill? There is a restaurant where you can see it all at once! You can reach it by taking a bus number 8, which departs from the DeFacto store in the center. You will find it thanks to the famous inscription I LOVE ALANYA, which is located next to it. You can sit at the table, on the sofas, or outside on special couches (and smoke a shisha). We can choose mainly European dishes, delicious drinks, even better shisha and the best cheesecake ever.

El Patron Restaurant

Here, the visible panorama does not count at all, because the main role is played by extremely delicious food!! The restaurant is so new. They serve great burgers and even better pizza. Baked mozzarella as an appetizer is a finger lick, and the alcohol has prices like in the EU. Important information in my opinion!


While being on vacation in Alanya I recommend to go to one of restaurants described above.

The view and food are unforgettable!


Author: Martha, Erasmus+ intern

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