Weather in Turkey in summer - conditions in this season

Published 1 June, 2020

 What is the weather like in Turkey during the summer season?

Those of you who plan a vacation in Turkey  wonder what  the weather is like in the season. Can you count on the sun and warm sea in Turkey in July and August? What are the temperatures at night and can you expect rain? We will try to answer all these questions. Thanks to this, you will be able to prepare properly for your holiday in Turkey.

Weather in Alanya in July and August.

The peak of the season in July and August is a guarantee of great, sunny and hot weather - sun shines the strongest and the longest However, remember to use adequate sun protection. Suncream with a filter is a necessity here.

The average temperature is around 32 degrees.  

When it comes to air temperature, it doesn't fall down  below 25 degrees during the night in summer months. The temperature during the day in the high summer season is 35 or even 37 degrees. So you are guaranteed warmth.

Warm turkish sea

The sea in Alanya can also be classified as warm. The water reaches 26 degrees.  Swimming in the sea brings relief. The water is so warm and pleasant that you don't want to come out. You can spend hours on swimming and not feel even the slightest cold.

Is there any rain?

Even if somehow it would rain in July or August, it would literally be a moment. After a few minutes after the rain there would be no sign of it. Anyway, even the oldest residents don't remember that it rained in Alanya during the summer season.

If you want to take a break from the high temperature, then you should go on an optional trip to the Sapadere Canyon or Damlatas Cave. The temperature there is much lower than in Alanya. The level of air humidity is also much lower. This trip is a very pleasant way to spend time and allows you to rest from the heat. After coming back to the hotel you can relax and go back to sunbathing.  

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