Turkey news and information - Frequently asked questions by tourists

Published 24 August, 2021

Turkey news and information

In this article, we will answer the most frequently asked questions.  Information about Turkey, excursions, weather on the Turkish Riviera, the current exchange rate, Turkish cuisine, etc. The article will be updated from time to time with a new dose of questions :) You will find here a lot of useful news that you should know about before traveling to Turkey.


 1. What currency is best to pay in (Euro, Dollar or Turkish Lira)?

We recommend paying in the local currency, i.e. in Turkish lira. Why? There are situations when you pay in euros or dollars, sellers change money at their own rate, which is less than in the change office or in the bank.

The current exchange rate:

1 EURO = 9,89 TRY

1 USD = 8,42 TRY

1 GBP = 11,56 TRY

(data from August 24, 2021)

The option recommended by tourists is also payment by credit cards. Moreover, you can withdraw money from ATMs without any problems. By inserting your card into an ATM, you can withdraw money in any currency.

  2. Which phone SIM card is the best to buy? Is it worth it?

A Turkish SIM card with an internet package can be purchased in the BIM online market at an affordable price. The cost of such a package, i.e. a SIM card, 9 GB internet, 300 minutes for free and 300 SMS, is approximately 105 TL (10 EURO). Is it worth it? If you want to have the Internet outside the hotel and keep in touch with the world all the time (e.g. call your family and show off beautiful views), it is definitely worth it. We remind you that the internet in hotels is not fast :)

3. How much does it cost to rent a car in Alanya on average?

Rental prices are quite varied, depending on several factors, such as:
  • model and year of the car
  • manual or automatic gearbox
  • place to rent
  • season (in the summer season it will be more expensive than in the low season)
  • rental period
  • local or international rental (it will be much more expensive in the international rental)
  • for an additional fee, you can rent a child seat as well as a GPS navigation system
The cost of renting a car is usually given per night, if you only want to rent a car for a few hours, the price will be the same as for the whole day. Prices start from around 35 euros to even 90 euros for a "fancy" sports car or a Mercedes Vito multi-seat car. It is worth knowing that when renting a car in Turkey, you have to buy fuel yourself. Unfortunately, fuel prices in this country are quite high, especially for the people of Turkey.
Fuel prices in Turkey
  • 1 liter of unleaded petrol - about 8 Turkish lira
  • 1-liter diesel oil - about 7 liras
  • gas - around 4 lira
You receive the rented car with an empty tank and return it in the same condition. Therefore, it is not worth refueling the car to the top! There are many petrol stations on highways and in cities.

4. What is worth seeing within 100 km from Alanya?

There are many tourist attractions that are worth seeing in the vicinity of Alanya, but the most popular ones are described in the entry below.

Let's start by presenting the greatest gems in the ANTALYA region. Undoubtedly, the Old Town called KALE IÇİ comes to the fore, which can bring to mind the Old Town of Prague or any European Old Town. It is entered through the Hadrian's Gate (triumphal arch) built in 133. Numerous fourteenth and fifteenth century Ottoman houses arranged for restaurants, hotels, shops over which canopies are spread in various colors.

There, too, the eyes of tourists enjoy the unusually majestic Taurus Mountains. In the Old Town, you can also hear echoes of Christianity, for example in the form of the remains of a cut minaret (turret next to the mosque), which is a memento of the Basilica of the Holy Virgin Mary.

For lovers of fauna, a visit to the nearby AQUARIUM will certainly be satisfactory, the tunnel of which is one of the longest in Europe. Walking along it, you can admire various species of fish swimming in various sceneries.

The obligatory point on the Antalya - Alanya route is the city of Aspendos, famous for being one of the largest theaters in Anatolia, characterized by sensational acoustics, where gladiator fights were also held. In the Seljuk times, there was a caravanserai there. It could seat up to 20,000 spectators.

Another interesting tourist attraction is certainly the city of Side - a resort where modernity is intertwined with history. Being in Side, you should definitely go to its ancient part, the symbol of which is the Temple of Apollo, located in its very center.

5. What is the best way to contact your office?

You can contact our office in several ways. Choose which one is most suitable for you.

Telephone (+90) 553 536 28 06 - You can contact us directly via the WhatsApp application, which offers free messages and calls even abroad. All you need is an active internet or WiFi connection.

E-mail -

Chat - On our homepage of, on the bottom right, there is a chat window through which you can directly contact our office

Personally - Our travel agency is located in the city center of Alanya (not in Antalya!).

Adress: Saray Mahallesi, Atatürk Cad. Hacıhamdioğlu Cad., Kale Market Apt. 23/1

6. What weather can we expect in October on the Turkish Riviera?

It's always summer in Alanya! Tourists in swimsuits and summer clothes are quite a natural sight in October.

The average temperature in October in Alanya is 26 degrees, and it is felt much higher (over 30 degrees). This month the humidity is only 40% and in July or August even 90%. However, at this temperature at night it can be different - usually, it is 19 degrees Celsius, and sometimes it can drop to 15 degrees. There are rains, but they are usually very short. Therefore, we advise you to take something warm with you in your suitcase. Better to have than not to have!  The seawater is still warm after a hot summer, about 25 degrees. The best period (October and May) for trips for families with small children, retirees, those who like to spend time actively and people who do not like hot weather.

7. The best time to vacation with a child in Turkey?

Turkey is the most popular holiday destination for families with children. The Turkish Riviera has a large selection of 5-star hotels with lots of activities for children. The best months for holidays with children are definitely May - June and September - November. Please remember that there are two hottest months on the Turkish Riviera (July and August). The sun even burns and the air humidity is 90%. During this period, we do not recommend holidays with children, especially the smallest ones, because such weather can be too burdensome for them.

8. Is it better to buy trips online or at your office in Alanya?

We encourage you to book trips via the Internet, i.e. ONLINE, because you can get UP TO 30% discount. Of course, for people who are in Alanya and want to book personally, it is possible! Our office is located in the center of Alanya - we cordially invite you.

9. Are there also excursions from Kizilagac?

Yes, we organize optional trips from every region on the Turkish Riviera from Alanya to Kemer (e.g. Mahmutlar, Alanya, Payallar, Türkler, Avsallar, Okurcalar, Kızılot, Side, Belek, Antalya, Kemer). Tour prices vary depending on the region.

10. What currency do I pay for trips and can I make a reservation and pay on the day of the trip?

You can pay for our trips in such currencies as: in euros, dollars, Polish zlotys, Turkish liras and also in pounds. Choose the option that will be the best for you! Can I pay for the trip in cash? Yes, you can book a trip on our website and only pay for it on the day of the trip, but please be aware that the price will be unfortunately without a discount.

11. Is it possible to take a city tour with your office while we’re in Istanbul?

Of course! We offer Istanbul city tours. All you need to do is contact us to find out more information and to set a date. Additionally, we offer tours to Istanbul for 1 day or 2 days. Therefore, if you are on vacation on the Turkish Riviera and you would like to see Istanbul, we invite you to a trip with us also:)

12. Are there air-conditioning and WiFi in your buses?

Air conditioning is already standard in Turkey, especially in the summer season when the temperature is even 40 degrees. Each of our buses has air conditioning. However, we do not have WiFi on the buses. We think that when driving on a trip it is worth focusing on what the guide tells you while driving.

13.What is the situation for COVID -19 testing when leaving Turkey?

PCR test

The Turkish Ministry of the Interior has announced a new regulation regarding mandatory PCR testing. From June 1, 2021, all persons, with the exception of children under the age of 6, arriving in Turkey by air, land or sea must show:

  • the negative result of the PCR test performed 72 hours before the trip
  • negative antigen test carried out up to 48 hours before the trip

Take the test result with you while boarding, otherwise, you will not be allowed to board the plane.

 Who is exempt from the obligation to take the test?

People vaccinated with a full dose of the vaccine are released from testing or quarantine after entering Turkey. The vaccine must be received at least 14 days before going to Turkey. You should have with you a document confirming vaccination issued by local authorities, i.e. a certificate generated from the e-patient system.

People who have contracted COVID, so-called "convalescents", within 6 months before arrival and have a medical report generated from the e-patient system.

People who meet either of the above two conditions are not required to undergo any tests prior to entering Turkey and are not quarantined. It is also worth remembering that children up to 6 years of age are RELEASED FROM PCR AND ANTIGEN TESTS.

HES code

Another important condition that must be met in order to be allowed on board the plane is the presentation of the form with the HES code. This is a mandatory requirement from March 15, 2021. The form for Entry to Turkey must be completed online within 72 hours of travel. This document with an individual HES code should be printed or downloaded to the phone and presented in electronic form. Children under 6 do not need a HES code.

Thanks to this code, it will be easy to contact you if you come into contact with a person infected with the coronavirus during your stay in Turkey. The HES code is also required before entering various facilities:

  • shopping centers
  • banks
  • coaches



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