Which restaurants and cafes do we recommend in Alanya

Published 28 August, 2021
Restaurants in Alanya

Below we will give the names of eateries, briefly describing them, but it is worth knowing that there won't be typical for tourists restaurants and cafes, but there will be places where "residents" of Alanya like to eat or have a good time.

  • CAFFE DELLA VIA - an atmospheric cafe, here you can eat the most delicious chocolate souffle in Alanya.

  • RAVZA - restaurant with delicious Turkish food. Ravza is one of the oldest Turkish restaurants in Alanya by the way! It is located in the center of the city, close to the port of Iskele. You can eat here almost any kind of kebab in any form.

  • KALEIÇI MEYHANESI - the most popular restaurant with fresh seafood and local fish. The perfect place to drink a glass of wine while admiring the view of the Alanya harbor.

  • GARDENIA - restaurant on the hill near the castle. Great food and beautiful views. We recommend going to the top by cable car to eat dinner watching the sunset or just go to this place during the day. The menu in this restaurant is typically European.

  • ELITE RESTAURANT - is located in Damlatas, right in front of Cleopatra Beach. A favorite restaurant of tourists from all over the world. Usually, there is live music in the evenings.

  • GREEN BEACH - beautiful location right on Cleopatra Beach. We recommend it to connoisseurs of delicious salads and beautiful serving.

  • MEZZE GRILL - restaurant in the center of the city. We recommend it to those who want to try the local cuisine.

  • SARDUNYA - the best restaurant with homemade Turkish food. The place is located in the center of the city. 

  • MUHTARIN YERI - a beautiful restaurant in Alanya castle with a breathtaking sea view.

  • ALATÜRKA - a typical Turkish restaurant in the castle with a panoramic view of Alanya. It is worth coming at least for Turkish tea or coffee and admire the beautiful view.

  • KALE PANORAMA - as the name suggests the view is amazing and definitely worth visiting if not for dinner then for drinks and a great view of Alanya. The restaurant offers classic European but also Turkish dishes. They also offer a free transfer service from the hotel, which can be arranged by phone.

  • TERSANE CAFÉ - a picturesque eatery in the place of the restored Seljuk shipyard Tersane. We recommend going there for Turkish breakfast and gozleme. There are very decent prices.

  • HARBOUR KITCHEN & BAR – captivating view! On the one hand, the mountains and the fortress, on the other, the sea and ships sailing right in front of you. Great place for a Turkish breakfast or an evening drink.  

  • ÖZTÜRK KOLCUOĞLU – the restaurant is located right on the Keykubat beach. There are typical Turkish dishes, delicious starters and a meter long Pide. 

  • HAYDAR USTA OCAKBAŞI - a real Turkish restaurant with great food with excellent kebabs in any form.

  • THE RABBIT – you will find it thanks to the famous inscription I LOVE ALANYA, which is located just below the premises.  Panorama of the whole of Alanya from a different side than the one from the castle. I recommend going there for the scenery itself. We can choose mainly European dishes.

  • PASHA ET BALIK - a great restaurant in a picturesque location. It is located on the Keykubat beach. There are Turkish meat dishes here, but also fish, alcohol is also served here. Sometimes in the evenings there is also live music!

  • ENBERI CAFE – we recommend it because of the great cuisine and unique atmosphere. Delicious Italian pizzas and pastas. While the children play in the playground, parents can admire the beautiful sunset with a glass of wine.

  • EKA CAFE - a cozy cafe in the city center between the streets. Always fresh home-made desserts.

  • KURSUNLU SEYIR-I – we recommend it to people who want to eat a real Turkish breakfast with a panoramic view of Alanya or have a romantic dinner by the fireplace.

  • EN VIE BEACH - the place has a charming atmosphere emphasized by the view of the sea and the castle. In this place you can enjoy the sound of the waves with a glass of wine or simply drink a good coffee.

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