Souvenirs from Turkey that are worth buying

Published 29 August, 2021

"MUST HAVE" souvenirs from Turkey

Every tourist who comes to Turkey on vacation asks what can he take to the homeland. What souvenirs from Turkey are worth buying? This is the most frequently asked question by tourists. The main foods that everyone knows about are, of course, spices and Turkish sweets. Below we will try to present a list of souvenirs that not everyone has heard of and which you should know about when you come to Turkey.

List of souvenirs worth bringing from Turkey

  • EVIL EYE - in Turkish called "nazar boncuğu", it is an amulet or talisman in the form of a blue-white eye, which should protect the wearer from an evil glance. The evil eye must "drain" the bad energy sent by other people. Legend has it that if the talisman breaks, then its power will work and protect the owner from all evil. Do not forget to make this amulet work, you must receive it as a gift! Also, such a talisman can be presented to loved ones in order to protect them from evil spells. The prophet's eye can be purchased in various forms: key chains, bracelets, dream catchers, fridge magnets, etc.

  • WATER PIPE / SHISHA - in Turkish "nargile" - a device for smoking tobacco (various aromatic mixtures). Inhaled smoke is cooled and filtered with a water filter. Hookah is originally from India, but it gained the greatest popularity mainly in Arab countries. Hookahs for every taste and color are presented in souvenir shops. Hookah tobacco is sold in different weights and has over 30 different flavors. Hookah smoking in Turkey is the most famous pastime with friends.

  • TEAPOT FOR TEA - “çaydanlık” in Turkish. To prepare traditional Turkish tea, you need a special bunk kettle. It can be found in a variety of sizes and designs. A souvenir that has a practical application and at the same time is a very pleasant addition to the home. 

  • TURKISH TEA RIZE - if you buy tulip-shaped glasses, special teapot, you still need real black tea for the whole set. Turkish tea comes from the northeastern part of Turkey, namely from the Rize region. These regions have a suitable and mild climate with a lot of rainfall and humidity. This climate is favorable for growing tea bushes.

  • TURKISH COFFEE AND SPECIAL SET - Turkish coffee is very specific, it has a dark color and a strong, intense taste thanks to finely ground beans (finer than for a coffee machine). To make real Turkish coffee, you will need a special copper crucible with an extended handle for easy handling. 

  • ANISE VODKA (RAKI) – it’s a Turkish anise vodka, which is very common in Turkey and is considered the national alcoholic drink. Before eating, Raki is diluted with water or ice. Raki themselves are transparent, but with the addition of water, they acquire a milky hue. Raki is obtained by distilling grapes, raisins or figs. Raki consists of 45-50 percent alcohol but is never as strong as diluted with water and ice. If you want to dine in Turkish style from the comfort of your own home, be sure to bring a bottle of this alcoholic drink with you.

  • FRUIT WINES - fruit wines are popular in Turkey. The most popular are wines from the Sirince province, where wines are made from all kinds of fruits (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, melons, watermelons, peaches, etc.). The most popular wine among tourists is pomegranate wine. We also recommend dry Cappadocia wines.

  • NATURAL SOAP - thanks to natural ingredients, they make hair and skin silky, aromatic and incredibly soft. Soaps based on olive oil and pistachio oil are bought for their hypoallergenic properties. The soap is suitable for hair, scalp and body care. Pistachio soap strengthens hair and removes dandruff. Opens and cleanses pores. You can also buy other soaps in Turkey based on various natural oils. Natural soap is a very popular souvenir from Turkey.

  • GOLD AND SILVER JEWELRY - in Turkey you will find beautiful things made of silver and gold. It is worth buying gold jewelry, because it is much cheaper here than in European countries. There are jewelry stores almost everywhere in every city.

  • LEATHER PRODUCTS - the selection of leather goods in Turkey is quite large. You can buy things like bags, wallets, jackets, coats, vests, belts, pants, and skirts. The most popular type is lamb skin. Turkish leather can be purchased in certified boutiques or salons. 

  • CARPETS - Turkish handmade rugs are always in demand all over the world. Carpets are made of natural fabrics using natural dyes - they will decorate any interior and fulfill not only aesthetic, but also functional purposes in everyday life. Such a Turkish souvenir is quite expensive, but it's for a long time.

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