Cappadocia Tour 2 days

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Wednesday, Sunday
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Two day
Alanya - Seydisehir - Konya - Aksaray - Kapadokya - Seydisehir - Alanya
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Join us on this extraordinary trip to discover the dreamy landscape of Cappadocia, one of the world’s unique natural wonders. Set out on the Cappadocia Tour from Alanya and enjoy two days of exhilarating adventure.


To Cappadocia from Alanya

The tour will start early in the morning when we pick you and the other participants up from your hotels and travel towards Seydisehir where we make a stop for breakfast.

After breakfast, we will continue our journey to the town of Konya, where we’ll visit the Mevlana Museum, which is the mausoleum of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, a Persian Sufi Mystic, known for its green conical dome. It is one of the most visited museums in Turkey. Here you will also learn about the history of the Whirling Dervishes.

A lunch break will follow and after some more driving, we finally arrive in Cappadocia.


Cappadocia Tour

Cappadocia is located almost in the very heart of Turkey, in central Anatolia. There are two majestic volcanoes, Hasan and Erciyes. Volcanic activity and erosive forces that shaped the tuff into fascinating formations such as the so-called “fairy chimneys created Cappadocia’s other-worldly landscape.”

However, Cappadocia isn’t unique only for its natural creations, but also for human creations. Not only shelters and houses but also underground Christian churches and whole cities have been carved into the rocky landscape. These remains date back as long as the 4th century!

Once in Cappadocia, we will go on a tour of the underground city of Saratli. Then you will discover the Castle of Uchisar and other incredible places such as Paşabağ, Love Valley, Pigeon Valley, and more.


Turkish Night Show

After our tour of the area, we will check in to the hotel and have dinner. Afterwards, you may watch a traditional Turkish Night show in a restaurant in a tufa cave giving the entire event a charming atmosphere. Professional dancers accompanied by beautiful music perform the show. Experiencing a Turkish Night Show in Cappadocia is as good as it gets.


Cappadocia Hot-Air Balloon Ride

The next morning we will rise early for the highlight of the trip a hot-air balloon ride above Cappadocia during sunrise. The stunning views of Cappadocia’s moonscape will take your breath away and stay in your memories for the rest of your life.

It does not include the Cappadocia hot-air balloon price in the price for the trip.


Further Exploring of Cappadocia

After the flight, we will have breakfast at the hotel and later visit more panoramic viewpoints and Devrent Valley, which is famous for its pink rock formations, one of the best-known being the “Camel.”

We will visit Zelve Museum (UNESCO LIST) and Paşabağ Valley.


Sultanhani Caranvanserai

We will stop in Aksaray for a lunch break and also at one of the biggest caravanserais called Sultan Han on our way back.

Caravanserais used to be inns where travellers could stop when on the road with their caravans. They were large buildings with a courtyard and the travellers could have a rest there as well as their horses.

Finally, we will arrive back in Alanya where we will return you to your hotels in time for dinner!

Join us on one of the best trips from Alanya–to Cappadocia!

Day 1: 

  • Pick up from the hotels
  • Stop for breakfast in Seydisehir
  • Konya and Mevlana Museum
  • Lunch break
  • Reaching Cappadocia to start exploring the underground city Saratli. 
  • Sightseeing in the various places in Cappadocia, including Göreme Valley, Uçhisar, Pigeon Valley, etc. 
  • Zelve Museum 
  • Paşabağ
  • In the evening, check in the hotel
  • Dinner
  • Cappadocia night show (optional)

Day 2: 

  • Morning baloon flight
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Panoramic points 
  • Caravansarai
  • Lunch break in Konya
  • Return to the hotel for dinner.
  • Transfer
  • Insurance
  • English, Polish speaking guide
  • Entry tickets to Paşabağ and Zelve
  • Overnight in 4* hotel
  • 2x breakfast
  • 2x lunch
  • 1x dinner
  • Drinks
  • Shopping
  • Sultanhan Caravansarai (60 Turkish Lira)
  • Cappadocia night 35€
  • Balloon Flight Capadokia ( The price is 290 € per person dictated by external company-when booking in advance/ when buying on guided tour, the price is 10 € more. If external company increases the price of balloon flight, the participant, despite prior booking and payment, is obligated to pay the difference in price. )
  • Passport
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Long sleeves for the evening and for a balloon flight
Balloon flight prices: children - the same price as adults, younger children are accepted only in special cases.
Can not find your hotel? Contact us.
adult (+9)
child (4-8)
infant (0-3)
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