shopping in Turkey
What to buy in Turkey - tips for your holiday shopping
Published 4 September, 2020
While talking about holiday in such a culturally different place as Turkey it is impossible not to mention shopping.  Tourists who come here for holidays  use it as a good opportunity to do some shopping. Shopping for all kinds is very popular. When asked - what to buy in Turkey – the answer is in our new article!
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Wakacje w Turcji w czasie pandemii
Turkey holiday during the pandemic - what to know beforehand
Published 26 August, 2020
"Turkey? What Turkey during the pandemic ?! " "What holiday can be in the middle of a pandemic?" Before going on vacation to Turkey, you will surely hear such statements more than once. When booking tours with us, you often ask about the safety and method of conducting tours at this particular time. We decided to collect questions in the FAQ (frequently asked questions). We hope it will dispel your doubts
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turcja otwiera granice, lotnisko
Coronavirus situation in Turkey - The country is open for visit
Published 16 July, 2020
Turkey has reopened for tourism and is accepting all nations to visit. How does the coronavirus situation looks like in Turkey?
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jedzenie w Turcji
Restaurants in Alanya - Where to find international restaurants
Published 1 July, 2020
While being on vacation, no one goes hungry. Most tourists come to the “All Inclusive” hotels, where you can eat actually all day. However, when going to a new place, it is worth going out and trying something new or a taste that we already know in the Turkish edition. However, not everyone likes Turkish oriental cuisine, we often look for European dishes, and in this article you will find out where to eat them best in Alanya.
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wakacje w Turcji
Weather in Turkey in summer - conditions in this season
Published 1 June, 2020
Those of you who plan a vacation in Turkey  wonder what  the weather is like in the season. Can you count on the sun and warm sea in Turkey in July and August? What are the temperatures at night and can you expect rain? We will try to answer all these questions. Thanks to this, you will be able to prepare properly for your holiday in Turkey.
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