Turkish tea - a ritual that not everyone knows
Published 30 August, 2021
Turkey is waiting for tourists with open arms. Enjoy a cup of tea in a destination that is becoming an increasingly popular destination of the season every day! Turkey can enchant with many attractions. However, by far the most popular is Turkish tea (Çay).
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Souvenirs from Turkey that are worth buying
Published 29 August, 2021
What souvenirs are worth bringing from this country? This is the most frequently asked question by tourists. In this post, you will find a list of souvenirs that not everyone has heard of and which you should know about when flying to Turkey.
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Turkey news and information - Frequently asked questions by tourists
Published 24 August, 2021
In this article, we will answer the most frequently asked questions. Information about Turkey, excursions, weather on the Turkish Riviera, about the current exchange rate, Turkish cuisine, etc.
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The Blue Mosque in Istanbul
Published 23 August, 2021
Istanbul is the only city in the world located on two continents that almost everyone has heard of. The city is home to many majestic monuments, fascinating with their beauty. One such site is the famous Blue Mosque, which is one of the last examples of the classical period of Islamic art in Turkey.
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