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Published 27 March, 2018



Market  or bazaar ( in Turkish "pazar") is a Turkish tradition. In every city and in almost every village bazaars are held at least once a week. In the center of Alanya the most famous bazaar takes place on Fridays and, in the other  part of the city, on Tuesdays. Below you can see a list of all the bazaars on specific days of the week. Visit your nearest bazaar and enjoy the local folklore and great prices.

The bazaars runs from morning to evening. In addition to a pleasant walk between the alleys, feasting  the eyes with colors, scents and flavors, you can listen to how the seller's call customers, joking and shouting to each other. Thing worth buying at the bazaar are: spices, souvenirs, nuts and dried fruits as well as delicious fresh fruits and vegetables. We can’t say we recommend buying counterfeit branded clothes but we guarantee that there will be plenty to choose from :)

When buying groceries at the bazaar always taste them before buyin. Do not buy Turkish sweets in foiled boxes inside which you can’t look. You can find there expired, hard sweets. They will not resemble the famous Turkish delicacies.

In the center of Alanya there is a great market Şekerciler (read: shekerdżiler) - they sell spices, sweets, halva, peanuts, tea and coffee of very good quality - at a similar price as in the bazaars. Buying something by weight you can ask for packing in a box or vacuum foil (for example peanuts) to keep it fresh until you return home. Prices in this type of stores are non-negotiable (you can also pay in foreign currency, for example euro or card.

Turkish bazaars - what days of the week?

Alanya center - Friday

Alanya west - Tuesday

Alanya district Oba - Monday

Bazaar in Mahmutlar  - Wednesday, Saturday

Bazaar in Tosmur - Thursday

Bazaar in Konakli - Wednesday

Bazaar in Avsallar / Turkler - Sunday

Bazaar in Side - Saturday

Bazaar in Okurcalar - Friday

Bazaar in Manavgat - Monday, Thursday

We wish you a very successful shopping! We would like to remind you that you can visit the most famous bazaar in Alanya during our Alanya City Tour & Bazaar. You are most welcome to make reservation!