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Published 27 March, 2018

Alanya has become one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Turkish Riviera, which means that it offers plenty of shopping opportunities. The attractive Alanya shopping centre caters not only to tourists but to locals from the surrounding area also.

In Alanya, you can find practically anything: internationally famous chains as well as local Turkish shops, high-quality products as well as cheap counterfeits.

Shopping at a Turkish bazaar gives you a chance to taste the most genuine experience of the local culture.


Greatest Alanya Shopping Centres

The most favoured shopping centre in Alanya is “Alanyum Mall.” Here you will find not only a wide range of shops for anything you need from clothes to groceries but also restaurants and cash machines. The Alanya mall is airconditioned, which is an especially welcome feature in a place where you need to escape the outside heat from time to time. The shopping centre is located in the eastern part of the town off Keykubat Blvd. There is a bus stop right in front of the entrance!

Another popular shopping centre is located near Alanyum Mall just on the opposite side of Keykubat Blvd. and it is called “Neva Outlet Alanya.” Here you can shop for famous brands such as Adidas, Only, Jack Jones or U.S. Polo Assn. for cheaper prices. It houses some of the most popular Turkish clothing brands such as Koton.


Traditional Bazaars in Alanya

The most famous bazaar known as Cuma Pazari in Turkish is located in the heart of Alanya, stretching from the harbour to the town centre every Friday. Here you can buy locally produced sweets, spices, nuts, fruits and vegetables, but also ceramics, other hand-made goods and souvenirs.

Every Turkish town has at least one weekly bazaar but in Alanya, you will find at least three! On Mondays, there is a bazaar in the eastern part of the town in the Oba district close to the beach, and on Tuesdays, there is one in the eastern part of the town.

It is normal and expected that you negotiate the price with vendors, however, remember to be respectful.

The bazaars are well worth a visit even if you do not want to buy anything. Walk through the aisles, take a look at all the stands and listen to the locals calling at each other, shouting, haggling, and joking. Absorb all the colours, sounds and flavours! This is the ultimate Turkish experience.


Explore the Bazaars and Shops in Alanya on a Tour

If you join us on our Alanya City Tour on a Friday, we will guide you through the famous bazaar, show you where to buy the best souvenirs and how to negotiate the price like a local!

Book the tour online and get up to 30% off!


Şekerciler Market

Next to bazaars, there is also the Şekerciler Market in the centre of Alanya, where you can buy halva and other sweets, nuts, spices, tea and coffee of high quality at similar prices as those at the bazaars. If you buy something by weight, you can ask the vendor to pack it in a box or a vacuum foil so that you can keep it safe and fresh when you travel home. The prices at this market are fixed so you do not have to bargain here.


What to buy in Turkey?

You can indeed buy designer clothes for lower prices, however, it is also true that Turkey is infamous for its production of bad-quality fakes. Sometimes the copies are so impeccable that it can be difficult to tell them from the originals. Be aware of the fact that it is illegal to bring counterfeit products into the EU!

What you should buy are Turkish sweets and spices. The most popular sweets to buy and take home are baklava or lokum, also known as “Turkish delight.” If you want to buy some spices, you should go for black and red pepper, paprika, sumac or curry.

Among other typical Turkish souvenirs are cosmetics with olive oil, goat milk or pomegranate seed extract, Turkish carpets, or evil eye jewellery and amulets that protect against negative energy.

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