Weather in Turkey in March - perfect for exploring the country

Published 13 March, 2018

Weather in Turkey in march


The average daily temperature in March in the Alanya region is 19/12 degrees. Statistics indicate that on average the coldest night at this time of year can be 12 degrees (of course it’s plus 12!) and the warmest average is 19 degrees. The historical highest recorded temperature in March is 26 degrees during the day and only 3 degrees at night. A bit too little? Let's move a bit further ...

In March, the average number of sunny hours  is 7. Air is getting warmer and it's getting very pleasant ... Humidity is 67%, so the weather in March in Alanya is very enjoyable for people of all ages. Especially for those who do not like tiring heat!

What's more the temperature of the sea water in Alanya in March is already 17 degrees. Cold? Depends for whom :) During our weekend walks on the beaches of Alanya  we can see more and more swimming fans in the sea ... both younger and those much older :) In this beautiful sunny weather, swimming in the sea in March is a real pleasure!

If you're worried about the rain, we're bringing comfort to you! On average, in March in Alanya it is raining for 9 days. 9 days throughout the whole month! Isn’t  that good news? ;)

Weather forecast in Alanya on March

Below you can see a table with weather for March 2018.

In March, temperatures in Alanya during the day usually oscillate around 20 degrees. Of course in the shade. When you put yourself in the sun you can take your first spring tan! So remember about sun protection, the Turkish sun has no mercy even at the beginning of spring :)

Projected showers in March are usually either evening or night or early morning. This is the specificity of the weather in Alanya. During the day it rarely rains and most often the sky is clear without a single cloud. It is very difficult to "find" a bleak, gray weather.

What clothes to take to Turkey in March?

If you plan to visit Alanya, Antalya and the surrounding area we recommend you to take a lot of T-shirts with a short sleeves, airy clothes, light long trousers and comfortable sports shoes. On the streets we see tourists in shorts and flip-flops, but as for us it is a bit too early for that :)

Remember about sunbathing suits for walking on the beach, headgear, sun glasses and of course a cream with a sunscreen!

It is worth having 1-2 layers of warmer clothing, preferably rainwear. It will be useful for the evening and for a further trips.

In conclusion, if you already have enough of a prolonged winter in your hometown, you should seriously think about taking trip to Turkey in March!

You will not be tired of hot weather or high humidity.

The weather in March in Alanya is suitable for both older people and small children – simply for everyone!

It is ideal for walks and outdoor activities

March in Turkey is a great time to visit Pamukkale (it will not be as crowded as in the season, we invite you to our specialty - Pamukkale Express tour), and it's also warmer in Cappadocia (where you can go for two days).

All aquatic attractions like dolphinarium or aquapark may not be available yet, but sightseeing and conquering the Turkish mountains, for example as part of one of our favorite trips - Jeep Safari to Sapadere Canyon - is wide open to you!

More offers and trips not only for the Alanya region, but also for Side, Antalya, Belek, and Kemer can be found on our website If case you have any doubts or questions we will help.  Our office is located in Alanya so we can always tell you what the weather is like in Turkey.


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